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About The Author

Karyn Jane was born and grew up in Brisbane. She fondly remembers her father telling stories when she was young, with the whole family and local kids excitedly gathering around to hear.

Karyn was inspired by her father to tell stories to the local kids she babysat, developing storytelling into a love of hers as well.

Karyn created Duddley Doo many years ago sketching a little mouse back in her early days at high school. She carried this little mouse with her into adulthood where she named him Duddley Doo, and started to tell her daughter about his adventures. This inspired Duddley Doo’s first Adventure!


Karyn loves to write about Duddley Doo and his adventures with his friends on Fig Tree Farm, and share them with as many children and families as she can.

Karyn is also a Kids Yoga Teacher and loves to use her creative ways to take the kids on adventures throughout her classes. 

Hope you enjoy reading Duddley Doo’s Big Fishing Adventure as much as I loved writing it! 
Karyn Jane xx